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Kevin went into the Army straight out of high school and made a brilliant career in the military. He served with Special Operations Command and deployed throughout the world. Kevin served in the first Gulf War, Kosovo, and many other deployments.

Upon being medically retired from the military, Kevin went to college. He earned a degree in Network Administration and was hired by Outback Steakhouse to work in their IT department.

Kevin’s natural leadership skills, determination and knowledge allowed him to rise to the position of IT Manger over a large staff.

From there, he served as an IT Manger and Consultant with a number of other companies.

Kevin harnessed his time to the most to achieve a degree in database management and programming, then he decided to use his knowledge and experience to go into something that was his real passion, 3D animation. So, he took numerous courses and worked on a diversity of projects which has led him to creating his own company in 2017.  He further provided internship programs to students from notable colleges like University of South Florida, University of Tampa, The Savannah College of Art & Design and Daytona State College.

He has further provided training to architects, architectural firms, cinematographers, science professors and others wanting to learn these skills to venture into different areas.

Michael Berky

Michael Berky


Growing up, Michael watched cartoons like most kids. He enjoyed watching shows from the 60’s to the modern era. Eventually, he would become fascinated by not only the art of animation, but also by the creators and teams behind his favorite shows. Soon he would start to draw comics and create characters throughout his childhood and his teens.

 After graduating high school, Michael would set out to achieve his goal of learning the art of animation. He would soon get a BFA in studio arts, which focused on animation, and uses his learnings to bring characters, stories, and worlds to life.

 Now with Divine Saga Studios, Michael leads the animation side of things and works to help create and refine the Animations and 3D Models developed at the studio. With an artistic eye and a background in fine arts, Michael looks to make the most appealing and polished Animations and 3D designs.




Shortly after graduating high school, Barbara signed with a modeling agency in New York City and spent the next three years living in Europe, working for magazines, catalogs, and fashion designers in Paris, Milan, Zurich, Vienna, Munich, and Hamburg. When she finally returned to the States, she quickly earned her Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs from Florida State University.

A move to Washington, D.C. came next where she worked for a large government consulting group for five years. Barbara has also held various other positions throughout her career, including research analyst, marketing specialist, intellectual property paralegal, and non-profit legal administrator. She brings all of these skills with her to the operations side of the studio, always willing to help out wherever needed.


In addition, Barbara is a full-time freelance writer, creating content for client websites and blogs. An avid reader, Barbara partnered with her father to publish a book on his experiences during WWII, LST388: A World War II Journal.  She also published her own memoir in 2019 entitled European Daze: A Model Memoir.  Both books are published by TDSS Publishing, a division of The Divine Saga Studios, LLC.


From the concept to the creation, animation, production, and post-production we are ready to bring your visual strategy, game, story or product to the real world.

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