Our Character Studio can Model, Texture, Animate, and Render all of your realistic character designs. We use the latest software to create high quality materials and smooth animations. We make sure that your realistic character looks and moves as life-like as possible. This level of details allows your films, games, or renders stand out.  We create character rigs to achieve believable motion, while keeping them simple so that others can use them without needing professional animating experience. We also use Shape/Morph keys to push character expressions and mimic natural muscle movements. We work with you every step of the way, keeping you involved so your character is exactly how you want them. Whether you want a character for still renders or feature length films, the characters we produce are fit for any project you plan to work on.

Our Character Design Studio also creates Stylized characters that go through the same design and rigging process that our Realistic characters go through.¬† So you can be assured that they too will be ready for any project you use them for. With the stylized characters, we aim to maintain realistic movements and high quality materials while maintaining their cartoon appearance and physics. Our stylized characters are given the ability to be a bit more flexible and exaggerated when it comes to movement and expression. This allows you to animate to their cartoonish abilities while maintaining believable movement. While the stylized characters are a bit more wild than our realistic characters, we aim to make sure the rigs won’t break when being pushed to their limits. This allows for a better and smoother animation process.